Blunt Not Sure He’s Going to GOP Convo
April 20, 2016

Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt has not decided whether or not to attend the GOP’s convention in Cleveland.

The Hill newspaper quotes Blunt says, ““I don’t have any idea. I usually don’t go for very long if I go. I am not a devoted attender of the conventions,” he said, noting he has a primary election in early August. “There’s going to be a lot going on.”

The Hill characterizes Blunt’s re-election campaign against Democratic Secretary of State Jason Kander as, “tougher than expected” .

The Hill reports the head of the Republican Senate Campaign Committee, Roger Wick, is advising vulnerable republicans to stay away from what could be a divided convention.

He recommends they attend more unifying events.

Kander Calls Out Blunt Over Vietnam Student Deferments
February 10, 2016

The Viet Nam war has turned into a campaign issue in the 2016 Missouri senate race.
Democrat Jason Kander is calling on Republican incumbent Senator Roy Blunt to explain his actions surrounding his draft status in the late 1960’s.
‘I don’t sit in judgment of anyone who chose not serve in Vietnam,” Kander said, “ but hiding three deferments and saying you couldn’t remember them is completely inexcusable.”
Wednesday, the Kansas City Star reported Blunt’s office told the Star that Blunt was never called up to military service. His office says Blunt’s lottery number in 1969, the first year of the draft lottery was in the high 300’s, so he was never called.
His office also told the Star Blunt’s status was 1A, making him eligible to be drafted.
The Star’s report says Blunt has never mentioned that he was classified as 2S. That means Blunt had a student deferment since his was in college at the time. Many draft age students had a similar status while in school at that time.
Blunt office says “poor memories and difficult to obtain records may have led to the misstatement to the Star”, according to the report.

Blunt Has $5 Million in Campaign Account
January 14, 2016

(AP) — Missouri’s Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt says he raised nearly $1.25 million during the past three months for his expected re-election campaign.

Blunt’s campaign on Wednesday announced it had more than $5 million in cash on hand at the end of the most recent fundraising quarter.

Likely Democratic opponent Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander that day said he raised more than $870,000 in that same period.

A release from his campaign notes he had more than $2 million on hand, less than half of what Blunt has to spend on the race.

Candidacy filing for the 2016 elections does not officially open until February.

Blunt Rips Obama’s ISIS Strategy
November 24, 2015

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt warned against joining any Mideast military alliance led by Russia.

“What you don’t want is an alliance led by Russian. I think an alliance including Russia: highly unlikely,” Blunt said in Kansas City Tuesday.

Blunt, a member of the US senate intelligence committee says top American intelligence officials are saying the same thing to committee members in the private and public meetings.

“We’ve never had more threats, coming from more different directions at any time,” he said.

Blunt against blasted the Obama administration’s handling of the Syrian refugee crisis.

His political website tweeted out a call for Americans to sign a petition urging the Senate to tighten the regulation on Syrian refugees coming to the US.

Blunt says the claim that refugee are being checked out for 18 months to two years before coming into the country is not accurate.
“Nobody believes that 4 million Syrians, 2 years ago before the disruptions started, had lined up and said, we want to start the 2 year vetting process,” Blunt said.

Blunt Says President was ” Desperate ” for Iran Deal
July 14, 2015

Here is Mo. Sen. Roy’s Blunt’s statement t on the new deal with Iran on it’s nuclear capacity:
“Today’s announcement marks a dangerous step forward in the advancement of Iran’s illicit nuclear program and confirms that the president was desperate to get a deal with Iran, at any price. This is a bad deal for the United States and one that will embolden our adversaries and jeopardize the security of our allies. The stated goal of the negotiations was to ensure Iran never develops the capability to produce a nuclear weapon, yet the president agreed to a deal that does the opposite.

“By allowing Iran to become nuclear weapons capable and failing to provide for ‘anytime anywhere’ inspections, this deal gives Iran a free pass to cheat at its military sites with no access to U.S. inspectors. In return, the president agreed to give Iran hundreds of millions of dollars in sanctions relief. Meanwhile, just last week Iran continued its calls for the destruction of Israel and ‘death to America’ as Iran’s Supreme Leader stood by calling for the need to fight the U.S. even if there is an agreement. This deal undermines the security of our friends and allies and legitimizes Iran’s unapologetic sponsorship of terrorism throughout the Middle East.”