McCaskill Reveals “Claire the Warrior”
March 4, 2012

(file photo)
Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill told northeast Missouri Democrats she would be “Claire the Warrior”, during her re-election campaign, according to the St. Louis Beacon.
McCaskill was the star attraction at the ‘Democrat Days’ in Hannibal, Missouri this weekend.
The Beacon calls her unscripted remarks “her most aggressive push-back against her critics, a surprised aide said.”
McCaskill is regarded as one of the Democrats’ most vulnerable candidates in the 2012 election cycle.
She used the speech to defend the Obama White House stimulus plan. She says the $4 billion Missouri received in stimulus money helped the state balance its budget and save its auto industry.
“That new Chevy pickup? Stimulus. That second (GM) shift at Wentzville? Stimulus. That billion-dollar investment that we had of the Ford plant in Kansas City? Stimulus,” McCaskill said.
McCaskill also says she wanted to know how her three potential Republican rivals feel about the remarks of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.
Limbaugh made headlines for calling a Washington laws school student “a slut”, and “a prostitute”, for testifying in favor of the administration’s news rules on contraceptives.
“Why haven’t Sarah Steelman or John Brunner or Todd Akin stood up and said, ‘This is not how we treat young women in this country who want to exercise their First Amendment Rights?’
McCaskill said Limbaugh ought to apologize, which he did in a statement on Saturday.

Santorum Campaigns for Missouri’s “Beauty Contest” Primary, “Winning is Winning”, He Says
January 30, 2012

Republican presidential candidiate Rick Santorum acknowledged his brief campaign stop in Missouri Monday after is a bid for momentum.
“Winning is winning”, Santorum told KMBC TV Monday afternoon. Santorum has not won a presidential contest this year since he was awarded the iowa Caucus victory after the fact over Mitt Romney in an incredibly tight race.
“Missouri will have a big impact on the general election,” he added.
Santorum says he is aware of the Missouri primary next Tuesday has no delegates at stake. But he says the St. Charles County stop gave him a chance to collect some votes in the primary as well as lay the ground work for the Missouri March 17 caucus, where the votes do count.
“We’ll show we have strength here in Missouri.”
Santorum also picked up the endorsement of David Limbaugh during his visit to the St. Charles Community College campus.
Laughing, Santorum said, “he may not be the most famous Limbaugh from Missouri, but he’s just fine.” Limbaugh is the brother of Conservative radio broadcaster Rush Limbaugh.
Santorum did not rule out another visit to the state soon, if not before next Tuesday vote. Santorum, however, says he might return to Missouri, perhaps Kansas City or some place else, before the St. Patrick’s Day caucus.
On the stump, Santorum talked about his plan to cut taxes for most Americans and many businesses. Santorum supports a simpler tax code with just two tax rates, 10 and 28%.
In the telephone interview, Santorum also responded to a report from the Tax Policy Center(TPC). The TPC says Santorum’s tax cuts would increase the deficit by $1.3 trillion dollars. The TPC claims he does not have a way to pay for the cuts.
The senator discounted the criticism. He says he does not need to pay for the taxes cuts. Santorum believes the cuts will pay for themselves. He thinks they’ll generate enough revenue for taxpayers and American business to grow the economy. He also says the his tax plan will lead to more jobs.
Santorum says the recent economic reports showing the unemployment rate going down are misleading. The Pennsylvania Senator says that rate does not take into account there are more Americans now that four years ago when the economy went into recession.