KC Daylight Curfew Debate Continues
March 15, 2012

From the KC Star:

A Kansas City Council Committee postponed a decision today on whether Kansas City should adopt a daytime curfew to address the problem of chronic truants.
The Kansas City Public Schools and the Kansas City police department asked for the local law to help them combat truancy and juvenile delinquency that officials said contribute to crime, especially in neighborhoods around Northeast High School, Ruskin High School and some other area high schools.
But home school parents turned out in force today, urging the city council’s Public Safety Committee not to impose a daytime curfew. The committee postponed a decision until its next meeting March 21.
The current proposal would prohibit children ages 7 through 16 from loitering unsupervised in a public place from 30 minutes after school starts to 30 minutes prior to the end of school. If police officers find violators, those children would be taken to school, placed in the parent’s custody or taken to a secure location until a parent or guardian could be found.
Parents or guardians of those children could then be subject to fines of up to $100, although the school district said it could provide counseling and other interventions instead of a fine.
“It’s not about the fine,” said Councilman Scott Wagner, who sponsored the proposed ordinance at the request of police and the schools. Wagner also has the support of residents of the Indian Mound neighborhood and other residents of Old Northeast, who say truant children from Northeast High are causing problems and petty crimes during school hours.
Wagner said about 100 other cities across the country have daytime curfews. In the metro area, Independence and Grain Valley have daytime curfew laws on their books.

Read more here: http://midwestdemocracy.com/articles/kc-daytime-curfew-on-hold-for-now/#storylink=cpy

KC Mayor’s Race: More Endorsements at Tuesday Primary Approaches
February 18, 2011

Jackson County Sports Authority Director Jim Rowland has been endorsed by for Mayor by La Raza, the city’s largest  Hispanic group.

Hispanics are one of the fastest growing  populations in the city. When US Census figures for Kansas City are released soon, the Latino population is expected to show dramatic group.

In its endorsement, La Raza said the group’s top issues are job creation and fighting crime.

But it also mentioned it wants a mayor that would not make “appointments to boards and commissions that includes giving Consideration Only to Persons without ties to Nativist and Racist Groups,”.

That’s a reference to the Frances Semler Parks Board appointment early in incumbent Mayor Mark Funkhouser’s term. Semler belonged to a anti-illegal immigration group. That connection infuriated local Latino leaders.

Here’s the entire La Raza slate:  

Mayor: Jim Rowland

1st District At-Large: Scott Wagner

2nd District In-District Russ Johnson

4th District At Large: John Crawford

6th District At Large: Scott Taylor

6th District At Large: John Sharp

Also, The Kansas City Business Rights Coalition, which is made of of about 200 owners of the city’s bars and restaurants,  is backing Sly James for mayor.

The Coalition screened the candidates recently. A statement said they are supporting James because of “his ability to work cooperatively with the elected city council and his plan to get Kansas City back on track.”

Heavies Endorse Rowland for Mayor
February 4, 2011

The Heavy Constructors Association of Kansas City,  and their affiliates (Minority Contractors Association of Greater Kansas City, Kansas City Hispanic Association Contractors and Women Construction Owners and Executives), are endorsing Jackson County Sports Authority Director Jim Rowland for Mayor.

Rowland made that announcement at a Mayor’s Forum hosted by the Kansas City Bar Association this afternoon.

The Heavies endorsement could help Rowland’s campaign with money and support down the final two-and-a-half-weeks of the primary campaign. The election is February 22.

The Heavies also made endorsements in some City Council races.

Scott Wagner – 1st District-at-Large

Ed Ford – 2nd District-at-Large

Michael Fletcher – 3rd District

Melba Curls – 3rd District-at-Large

Jan Marcason – 4th District

Jim Glover and Annie Presley – 4th District-at-Large: (HCA-only Endorsements)

John Crawford, 4th At Large (Minority and Women’s Coalition endorsement only).

Michael Brooks – 5th District

Michael Brown and Scott Taylor – 6th District at large

John Sharp, 6th District