Kansas City May Be Removed From E-tax Abolition Bill
January 27, 2016

Kansas City may dodge the bullet on the earnings tax at the Missouri Legislature.

Two sources say a substitute bill takes Kansas City out of the legislation
Earlier this month,
State Senator Kurt Schaefer proposed eliminating the Kansas City and St Louis earning tax.

The money from the 1% tax on income generated inside the city
represents about 40% of Kansas City’s general fund.

It’s about a third of the St. Louis operating budget.

Sen. Schaefer says he did not think the earnings tax could stand up to a court challenge after a recent US Supreme Court ruling on a similar Baltimore, Md. tax.

At a hearing earlier this month about 30 Kansas City testified against the Schaefer bill.

The substitute bill is expected to be offered in the Senate Ways & Means Committee Thursday.

Missouri Senate Wants to Lock Gun Rights into State Constitution
April 5, 2013

(AP)– The Missouri Senate has passed a proposed change to the state’s Constitution designed to strengthen gun rights.

The amendment would declare gun rights “unalienable” and compel elected officials in Missouri to defend against any infringement on the right to bear arms. It would also allow people to use firearms in defense of their families.

Senators voted 29-2 Thursday to send the measure to the House. It is sponsored by Republican Sen. Kurt Schaefer of Columbia, Mo.

Voters would need to sign off on the constitutional change if the measure passes the House.