Push for Medical Marijuana Vote in Missouri in 2016
October 8, 2015

A 60-year old registered nurse from Missouri says the state ought to permit medical marijuana because she has seen it work.

Delores Halbin told KMBC TV Thursday she supports the plan to put a medical marijuana law on the 20116 Missouri ballot.

“It’s not a narcotic, it’s not an opiate…and it works,”Halbin said.

She says her husband suffers from a severe case of glaucoma.

Regular treatments did not help him much according to his wife.

When he started smoking marijuana, his wife said, the effect were almost immediate.

“He did not have to lay face down into a pillow,” said Halbin.

She says he was able to get up take walks and “have a life”.

Today advocates of medical marijuana filed petitions to put the issue to a statewide vote in 2016.

The group, New Approach Missouri, will have to gather the signatures of about 160,00 registered Missouri voters from across the state. The petitions need to be turned in by early May of 2016.

The plan is supported by the group, Show-Me Cannibus.

Earlier the group backed another proposal calling for complete legalization of the drug in Missouri.

Amber Iris Langston, a Show- me Cannibus member, says that remains a goal, but the group saw polling numbers indicating more support for a medical marijuana plan.

“We didn’t want to wait another year to help those patients,” she said

Big Crowd in St. Joseph for Marijuana Legalization Meeting
December 12, 2013

St. Joseph News-Press:

Residents packed into East Hills Library Wednesday night to hear about a hot-button issue: marijuana legalization.

The gathering was a town hall meeting held by Show-Me Cannabis, a group dedicated to changing Missouri marijuana laws.

One of the panelists was Amber Iris Langston, a member of the group’s board of directors. She said the event was about getting the word out.

“We are basically trying to bring awareness to the issue, let people know that we are out there and we’re trying to make a positive change. We want to get input, get people on the same page so that we can get this done, make a better policy in Missouri,” Ms. Langston said.

The group is seeking to bring a tax-and-regulate ballot initiative to Missourians, possibly as early as 2014, and to introduce bills addressing decriminalization, medical marijuana and hemp production before the Missouri General Assembly, Ms. Langston said.

She said the group is aiming to reform broken drug policies.

“It’s not controlled, that’s the ironic thing of calling it a controlled substance,” Ms. Langston said. “It’s a black market. There’s no transparency, there’s no accountability and this policy has not worked.”

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