KC Council Votes Down Complying with Mo. Law on Concealed Weapons & Intoxicated Permit Holders
March 7, 2014

The Kansas City Council couldn’t swallow what was thought to be a simple change in city law, to comply with a state law on concealed weapons and intoxication.
Missouri state law permits the holder of a concealed weapons permit to carry the weapon even if the holder is intoxicated.
The permit holder can carry the weapon while intoxicated as long as the owner does not use the weapon in a negligent fashion.
Most Council members think the state law on this is a poor one.
“It’s kind of like , well, it’s OK if you drive drunk, as long as you don’t hit anybody,” said Councilman John Sharp, ” you just have to be real careful”.
Sharp voted for the ordinance change to comply with the state law.
Kansas City Mayor Sly James, however, voted against it.
“Just because the 2nd Amendment mentions guns ( the idea) everybody and anybody ought to have the right to have whatever guns they want, whenever they want them, under any circumstances, in an urban seething, is in my mind, ludicrous,” the Mayor said.
The ordinance to comply to the state law failed by one vote.
The defeat is largely symbolic, a display of frustration by the council.
Eventually, the City will have to change the local law to comply with the state statute.