What Happened To Machine Gun Mike?
November 12, 2009

Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders is a fast talker. That’s not a characterization, it’s a fact. He speaks quickly.

Advisor Pat O’Neil says he has frequently stood at the back of a room gesturing for Sanders to slow down when giving a speech. That was not a problem as he delivered his State of the County Address Thursday afternoon.

Sanders took his time. He stopped at the end of sentences in his text. He even used a pause here and there, for rhetorical effect.

It may have the best delivery of a speech since he was elected.

What happened?

“He was sick”, says advisor Calvin Williford.

But there’s more.

Sanders has been getting some coaching for consultant Mary O’Halloran. Williford says it paid off in the speech.

Sanders delivered a 15 minute speech in…15 minutes.