State Take Over of Kansas City Schools Moves Foward
February 28, 2012

From Prime Buzz:
The state would have the authority to immediately replace the school board of the unaccredited Kansas City district with a new governing structure under a bill that won initial approval in the Missouri House this morning.
Under current law, a school district has two years after losing its accreditation to turn its performance around or face the potential of a state takeover. Kansas City Public Schools officially lost accreditation Jan. 1 because it failed to reach state performance standards, the second time in 11 years that the district has lost accreditation.
Republican Rep. Mike Lair of Chillicothe is sponsoring the bill, which would do away with the two-year waiting period and allow the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to immediately intervene in a failing district.
A similar bill, sponsored by Republican Sen. David Pearce of Warrensburg, passed the Senate Education Committee last week.
Lair’s legislation must be passed one more time before it would go to the Senate. There was no opposition this morning during debate, and it passed on a voice vote.

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