New Poll Shows McCaskill Still Leading Akin, Mo. Guv Lite Race Tied
October 22, 2012

Missouri Democratic incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill continues to hold a six point lead over Republican Todd Akin, according to a poll by The Democratic leaning polling firm, Public Policy Polling (3P).
The poll shows Missourians sampled in a poll prefer McCaskill 46-40%.
That’s the same margin McCaskill enjoyed in a 3P poll a month ago.
What has changed is that more time has passed and Republican Akin has not been able to claw into McCaskill’s lead in the past few weeks.
McCaskill still is upside down in her Favorable/Unfavorable rating. 51% have an unfavorable view of her, compared to 44% who have an unfavorable impression of the Democrat.
The 3P poll, however, states McCaskill’s Favorable/Unfavorable rating among Missourians is improving.
The Democrat, however, is still underwater, 51% of the people in survey have an unfavorable opinion of McCaskill. That’s an improvement from a month ago.
Akin’s Favorable/Unfavorable problem is even worse. Just 31% of the people in the survey have a favorable impression of the St. Louis area Republican.
Also, support for Libertarian candidate Jonanthan Dine of Kansas City has dropped by a third.
Dine’s support dropped by a third, from 9% to 6%. Dine’s former supporters, according to the poll, are now undecided.
The 3P poll shows the race for Missouri Govenor has tightened up.
The poll shows incumbent Democrat Jay Nixon still leads, but his margin has shrunk.
He now leads Republican Dave Spence by 11 points, 51-40%.
The poll says Spence’s improvement is due to his amity to consolidate Republican support.
The 3P poll also shows the race for Missouri Lt. governor Is up for grabs.
3P’s poll shows the Lt. governor’s race between Republican incumbent Peter Kinder and Democrat Susan Montee is tied at 43-43%.

Missouri Dems Outraise Republican Rivals
October 16, 2012

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Most of the Democratic candidates for Missouri executive offices held a substantial cash advantage over their Republican opponents as they entered the final month before the November elections, according to reports released Monday.
Quarterly financial figures show Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon had more than $4.9 million in his campaign account at the start of October, compared with $1.5 million for his Republican challenger, St. Louis businessman Dave Spence. Democrats also had large financial advantages in every other statewide race except for lieutenant governor.
The October finance reports typically are important because they show how much cash a candidate has remaining for ads and other campaign activities in the final weeks before Election Day.
In the case of the governor’s race, Nixon’s hefty bank account means he should have plenty of resources to continue broadcasting his message as he seeks to convert his lead in the public opinion polls into a second term. But Nixon’s greater than 3-to-1 cash advantage is not necessarily insurmountable for Spence, who could tap into his personal wealth. Spence previously loaned and gave his campaign a total of $4 million, but he has not put more of his own money into the race since shortly after winning the August Republican primary.
A competitive primary drained the campaign account of Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder. But Monday’s reports show Kinder had essentially pulled even financially with his Democratic challenger, former State Auditor Susan Montee, in a race that so far has received little public attention. Heading into October, Montee reported about $270,000 in her campaign account and Kinder nearly $268,000.
Democratic State Treasurer Clint Zweifel held a large financial advantage over his Republican challenger, state Rep. Cole McNary. Although the candidates raised similar amounts of money during the quarterly reporting period, Zweifel started with a substantially larger base and had nearly $1.3 remaining in his campaign account at the beginning of October, compared with $161,000 for McNary
Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster reporting raising and spending – and still having – substantially more money than his Republican challenger, Ed Martin. Koster’s campaign reported more than $2.5 million on hand at the start of October, compared with a little less than $525,000 for Martin.
There is no incumbent in Missouri’s secretary of state’s race, because Democratic Robin Carnahan is not seeking a third term. But the Democratic candidate, state Rep. Jason Kander, reported far more money in his campaign account than the Republican candidate, state Rep. Shane Schoeller, who had to spend a considerable amount to win a GOP primary.
The finance reports show that Kander had almost $1.1 million in his account at the start of October, compared a little over $297,000 for Schoeller.

Dem Guv Lite Summit Monday in Jeff City?
February 25, 2012

The three Democrats considering a run for Missouri Lt. Governor may have a summit meeting next week in Jefferson City, according to the St. Louis Beacon.
The three are former state representative Judy Baker; Rep Sara Lampe of Springfield and former Missouri Auditor Susan Montee.
The Beacon reports they’ll meet at a political consultant’s office “in an apparent attempt by some party activists to see if some of the contenders might be willing to drop out”.
The Beacon also reports Rep. Lampe has confirmed the meeting.

Lampe Joins Dem Primary for Guv Lite
February 6, 2012

Springfield News Leader via
Sara Lampe confirmed this Sunday evening she will run for lieutenant governor, and plans to make that official at a news conference Monday morning.

The Springfield Democrat is term limited in her position as state representative of the 138th District, serving central Springfield.
In a short phone interview tonight, Lampe said she’ll make her announcement at 10 a.m. Monday in Room 313 of Missouri State University’s Student Union.
If elected lieutenant governor, Lampe said she “wants to continue to be a voice for seniors, for children, for veterans.”
“The lieutenant governor not only advocates for seniors, but also works with the Missouri Tourism Commission,” she said. “With Branson and Springfield among the top four tourism destinations in the state, I would want this area to be represented.”
A veteran educator, Lampe was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in 2004. She will be term limited as a state representative this year. In last year’s elections, Lampe was the only Democrat in Greene County who was re-elected.

Judy Baker’s Run for Dem Nod on Mo. Guv Lite, A Warning Sign?
January 20, 2012

From the P-D via

ST. LOUIS • The enviable unity assembled by Missouri Democrats for their November ticket is finally showing a sign of strain.
On Thursday morning, Columbia Democrat Judy Baker, a former state House member who lost a bid for Congress in 2008, announced her latest campaign: lieutenant governor.
Of course, Democrats already have a candidate for the state’s No. 2 in former Missouri auditor Susan Montee, who left the helm of the state party to seek the position.
Montee launched her campaign only after she was unable to recruit any contenders willing to take on the well-financed Republican state House Speaker Steve Tilley.
Baker’s entry into the contest could be greeted like the friend who shows up at a moving party only after all the heavy stuff is already on the truck.
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