Lawyer Wants Ruiz to Pay His Legal Fees as Punishment in Residency Case
February 23, 2015

The lawyer for City Council candidate Lee Barnes says Teresa Garza Ruiz should be sanctioned for trying to sneak on to the City Council ballot.
Ruiz dropped out of the race last week against Barnes and Dennis Anthony. They are competing for the 5th District At-large seat to the Council. Ruiz claimed that she was a legal resident of the city and was properly registered in the 5th city council district. Her campaign, however, collapsed under the weight of conflicting evidence about her residence.
Barnes’ lawyer, Dan Zmijewski filed papers with the Jackson County Circuit Court Monday saying Ruiz ought to have to pay his legal fees.
If there ever was a case that screamed for the award of attorney fees as a sanction, this is the one,” Zmijewski wrote in his brief. He did not mention a monetary amount.
“Ruiz’s actions have confused the election because her name is now on ballot even though she knew she was not a valid candidate,” he continued.
Ruiz issued a statement last week saying she was dropping out of the reason for “personal reasons”.
She added that she may try politics again after her personal issues are resolved.

Garza Ruiz Drops Out of City Council Race
February 19, 2015

Former Jackson County Legislator Teresa Garza Ruiz dropped her bid for the City Council Thursday.
In a statement, she said she had “personal reasons” for the decision.
Because of her time on the Jackson County Legislature and connection with organized labor, she was considered a potent candidate for the city-wide race.
The Democrat , however, was dealing with campaign problems.
The Missouri Department of Revenue showed a tax lien against her of almost $5,000.
Candidates for City Council must be current in their taxes.
Her campaign was also facing charges that she was not a legally qualified to run for the council. She was accused of not meeting the two year residency requirement.
Garza Ruiz listed a Blue Springs address on campaign records with the Missouri Ethics Commission as recently as mid January, 2015.
Her husband, Geneo Ruiz took the blame for that. He said in an affidavit connected to a court case, he “failed” to update her address from Blue Springs to Kansas City on campaign finance reports with the state.
Garza Ruiz also had the Blue Springs address on a speeding ticket in Morgan County, Missouri. The ticket was issued after the two year residency requirement deadline.
To be eligible to run in this tear’s city election, a candidate must have a
Kansas City residence by April 7, 2013.
Garza Ruiz was being sued in Jackson County Circuit Court over the residency issue.
Garza Ruiz was scheduled to be despised in connection with a lawsuit over residency today.
There was to be a hearing next week.
Garza Ruiz could not be reached for comment.
In a statement, “It is my great desire to explore future options to be of service after I have resolved the personal issues that require my full focus at this time.”
One of her opponents in the At-Large 5th district council race is Lee Barnes. He filed the lawsuit challenging her residency.
He said voters deserved “transparency” in the council race.
The other candidate in the 5th District At-Large race is Dennis Anthony.
The Kansas City primary is April 7.