Missouri Senate Race was one of the Most Expensive for Candidates
November 9, 2012

Missouri’s rough and tumble US Senate race was one of the most expensive in the country in 2012.
The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) says the candidates who ran for the senate this year spent almost $33 million dollars on the campaign ($32,912,609). That includes candidate spending in the Missouri Republican primary. Businessman John Brunner spent 8 million of his own money in a losing cause. The CRP totals do not include outside spending which is estimated to have been another $10-12 million dollars.
The most expensive Senate campaign for candidates, according to CRP, was in Massachusetts. Democrat Elizabeth Warren defeated incumbent Scott Brown. Together, they spent more than $70 million dollars.
The Virginia Senate race, won by Kansas City native, Democrat Tim Kaine, was another very expensive campaign in 2012.
Kaine defeated Republican George Allen in another tough fight that drew national attention. The total spending in that race, including outside groups, Candidates in Virginia, and outside groups, according to CRP went over the $82.4 million dollar mark, making it the most expensive US Senate race in the nation.
. More than half of that was from third party groups trying to influence the race.


DSCC Pumps $3 Mill into McCaskill Election
May 8, 2012

From Hotline via johncombest:
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has reserved $14.1 million worth of fall airtime in three key swing states where Democrats are trying to hold seats the party currently controls.
The DSCC has reserved $7.4 million worth of airtime in Virginia from October 9 to November 5, the day before Election Day. Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine is locked in a very close race against former Republican Sen. George Allen. The Kaine-Allen showdown promises to be one of the cycle’s most competitive. The state is also expected to be contested heavily by both parties at the presidential level.
In Missouri, where Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill faces an uphill climb in an increasingly red state, the DSCC has placed a $3.5 million buy for the same dates the committee has reserved in Virginia. It’s not yet clear who McCaskill’s GOP opponent will be. Three Republicans, none of whom has emerged as a clear frontrunner, are running for the nomination.
In Montana, where Democratic Sen. Jon Tester is facing a tough race against Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg, the DSCC has reserved $3.2 million worth of airtime from August 28 until November 5. The ad reservation is longer because it’s considerably cheaper to buy airtime in Montana than it is Missouri or Virginia.

McCaskill Back at the Crossroads, Another Round of Campaign Spots from Rove’s Group Targets 5 Dem Senators
April 25, 2012

Roll Call:

Crossroads GPS is hitting the airwaves Wednesday with issue ads against Democratic candidates in five Senate battleground states.
The Republican-aligned nonprofit, which is affiliated with the American Crossroads super PAC, is dropping $1.2 million on the TV ad buy, which was first reported by the Hotline. The ads will air in Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Virginia through May 5.
American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS are major players in the 2012 elections and could spend one-third of a potential $300 million combined budget on House and Senate races this cycle. This round of ads is focused on two Democratic Senators, two open Democratic seats and protecting one Republican Senator.
Republicans, who need to pick up four seats to win the Senate majority, are hoping to defeat Sen. Claire McCaskill (Mo.), Sen. Jon Tester (Mont.), former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine and former North Dakota Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp. Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) holds one of the GOP’s most vulnerable seats and is facing Rep. Shelley Berkley (D).
Roll Call rates all but one of the races as a tossup. North Dakota currently rates Leans Republican.

Home Town Boy Makes Good, Tim Kaine to Star at Truman Days
January 1, 2012

(photo: New York Times)
Jackson County Democrats say former Virginia Governor and Kansas City native, Tim Kaine will be the featured speaker at the Truman Days celebration this Spring.
Kaine is now the favorite to be the Democratic nominee for the US Senate from Virginia. He’ll face former Virginia Senator George Allen for the seat in November.
Kaine grew up in Overland Park, Kansas. That is a Kansas City suburb. He attended Rockhurst High School. He also graduated from the University of Missouri. He’s lived in Virginia for much of his adult life.

Missouri Senate Race: #4 in US, ‘Politco’ Says McCaskill Wins October
October 28, 2011

Missouri’s 2012 US Senate race has made Politico’s Top Five Races of the next election cycle.

Democrat Claire McCaskill is seeking a second term. Many political handicappers rate her as one of the most vulnerable democrats on the ballot next year.

Politico, however, says  McCaskill won the month of October.

They put the Missouri race at #4. Here’s why:

“St. Louis businessman John Brunner became the third Republican in the race and was welcomed with a sharp brushback by one of Missouri’s most prominent political columnists who declared him not ready for prime time. “Brunner’s not ready. Not even close,” wrote The Kansas City Star’s Steve Kraske. Nonetheless, an early ad buy demonstrated his seriousness and the strength of his bank account, which could give him a leg up over Rep. Todd Akin and Sarah Steelman, both of whom turned in paltry third-quarter totals. Republicans are genuinely perplexed over which of the three can take out Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.”

“Who Won October: McCaskill”

“No recent public polling”

(Italics in original report)

Politco says the top US Senate race next year is in Virginia, and that has a strong Kansas City connection.

Democrat Tim Kaine is a Kansas City area native. He’s facing Republican George Allen.

 Like the  Blunt-Carnahan Missouri Senate campaign of 2010, that race features two very well known Virginia politicians.