AFP To Buy Time for Wichita Incumbent
July 15, 2014

(AP) – A conservative group with ties to billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch is spending big money to thank U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo for his work in Congress amid a bitter race for his seat.

Americans for Prosperity says it’s spending $409,225 for radio and television ads that begin Tuesday and run until the day before the Aug. 5th Republican primary.

AFP state director Jeff Glendening says the group likes to show its appreciation to those who share its values. He cites Pompeo’s efforts to eliminate the wind production tax credit and control spending, as well as his opposition to earmarks.

Former Congressman Todd Tiahrt is challenging Pompeo in the 4th District. Tiahrt has criticized Pompeo for pursuing special interest agendas that have hurt the local economy.

Former Congressman Todd Tiahrt Endorses Santorum
March 8, 2012

Former Wichita Congressman Todd Tiarht leads a list of Kansans, many of them elected officials, endorsing Rick Santorum’s presidential bid today.
Santorum campaigned Wednesday in Lenexa, ahead of Saturday’s Kansas Caucus, where many of the State’s 40 delegates are at stake.
Santorum predicted Wednesday he would win the Saturday caucus.
An indicator that he wants Kansas bad is the fact he’s returning Friday for more work.
Santorum is scheduled to campaign in Topeka and Wichita Friday.
Then he’ll shift his sights briefly to Missouri’s March 17 Missouri Caucus.
Saturday has events scheduled in Springfield and in Cape Giradeau. He’s the star at the county’s Republican Lincoln Day Dinner..
GOP candidate Ron Paul is also competing for the Kansas Caucus vote.
He is expected to campaign in the state Friday, including an evening event at the Lied Center in Lawrence.
Paul will also campaign in person at several caucus sites in Johnson County Saturday morning.
After that, he turns some of his attention to Missouri, too, Paul’s schedule calls for him to host a Town Hall Meeting at a Springfield high school Saturday night (see previous post).
Among the four surveying candidate for the GOP nomination, Paul is the only candidate who has yet to win a primary or a caucus.
Others on the Santorum endorsement list include:
Tiahrt, others endorse Santorum

Former U.S. Representative Todd and Vicki Tiahrt

KS State Senator Mary Pilcher Cook

KS State Representative and Mrs. Lance Kinzer

KS State Representative and Mrs. Steve Brunk

KS State Representative and Mrs. Pete DeGraaf

KS State Representative and Mrs. Jim Howell

KS State Representative and Mrs. Dennis Hedke

Former KS State Representative and Mrs. Mark Gilstrap

Dr. Marilyn K. Murray and Paul Murray, Overland Park

Michael and Donna Egan, Shawnee

Tiahrt Wants Napolitano to Resign
January 7, 2010

Kansas Congressman and US Senate Candidate Todd Tiahrt wants Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano’s head.

In a statement this afternoon, Tiahrt said Napolitano should resign.

“Secretary Napolitano’s job is to help protect our homeland – not defend the administration’s system of failure. It is imperative that we have a secretary of Homeland Security who understands the reality of the global war on terror and who has the resolve to implement a strong and effective system that stops terrorists before they act. There should be no tolerance for her lack of leadership, Tiahrt said.

You might remember in the days after the attempted attacked, Napolitano said the fact that the attack failed was a sign that the Homeland Security system had worked.

After heavy pressure from inside the Administration, Napolitano backed off that assessment.

More Local Reaction to the Obama Speech
December 1, 2009

Missouri Congressman Ike Skelton praised the president’s decision. He says the House Armed Services Committee will examine the president’s call for more troops.

“I have a number of questions to which I hope we can get answers—for example, the role of Pakistan, how specifically we will measure progress over time, what additional resources we will need on the civilian side of the effort, how we will manage strain on our forces, and how we expect the government of Afghanistan to be reformed.”

Missouri Senator Kit Bond gave qualified support.

“Our troops should be given the support necessary to achieve success. The upcoming months will tell us whether these additional resources, as directed by the President, are sufficient.” 

But Bond  has reservations about the  White House that could limit the time  the additional troops are there. “We need a success strategy, not an exit strategy.”

 Kansas Senator Pat Roberts:

 “I have long said that in order to finish the missions in both Iraq and Afghanistan, we must trust the advice of our commanders on the ground,” Senator Roberts said.

” I remain concerned that artificial time lines for withdrawal will tie the hands and further endanger our men and women in uniform while emboldening the Taliban and other terrorists. I hope this will not be the case.”

Kansas Congressman and US Senate Candidate Todd Tiahrt: “The president reached the right conclusion that a broad counterinsurgency strategy is needed to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaeda; however, I am profoundly disappointed in the president’s sluggish approach to this overdue decision.”

“It is imperative we stay in Afghanistan and support our troops with the resources they need until the job is done and the Taliban and al-Qaeda are no longer a threat to the Afghan people, Americans, and our allies— not based on an artificial exit timetable created in the Oval Office.”

Kansas Rep. and US Senate Candidate Jerry Moran: 

“The mission in Afghanistan must succeed,” Moran said. “It remains central to our country’s security that the Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists be defeated, that Afghanistan govern itself, and that the region be stabilized to prevent a safe haven for those who want to destroy our way of life. Our troops should be given the support necessary to achieve success. The upcoming months will tell us whether these additional resources, as directed by the President, are sufficient.” 

Nothing yet officially from Missouri’s McCaskill or Kansas’ Brownback. 

Ashcroft Back on the Campaign Trial in KC area
November 20, 2009

Former US attorney General and former Missouri Senator John Ashcroft campaigned in Johnson County, Kansas Friday.

He’s endorsed Wichita congressman Todd Tiahrt’s bid for the US senate. Tiahrt is facing Western Kansas Congressman Jerry Moran for the senate now held by Sen Sam Brownback. He’s running for Governor.

Here’s the Campaign hand out on Ashcroft: Ashcroft said, “Todd Tiahrt is a principled fiscal and social conservative who understands what it takes to keep this country safe,” said Ashcroft.

“During my tenure in the United States Senate and as Attorney General, I gained a real appreciation for public servants like Todd Tiahrt. Todd fights for the conservative values he believes in and does not waver in the face of tough opposition. And, when Todd gives you his word, you can count on him to do what he says.”

Ashcroft served as Attorney General in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S. His Justice Department was responsible for overseeing many new measures that have been credited with keeping America safe through the end of the Bush Administration.

“When this nation was attacked on September 11th, Todd Tiahrt stepped up to the plate and supported the administration’s efforts to make the changes necessary to keep this country safe. Some chose politics; Todd chose principle,” Ashcroft said.

Ashcroft was in town for multiple Tiahrt events, including a campaign fundraiser hosted by several prominent Johnson County residents, business owners and conservative state legislators.”