Now It’s Senate Leader Dempsey Leaving Missouri Senate
July 31, 2015

(AP) – Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey said Friday that he is resigning from office to launch a new private-sector career and spend more time with his family.

Dempsey told The Associated Press his resignation will take effect Aug. 7 and he hopes to say more about his new job in the coming weeks.

The Republican from St. Charles first was elected in 2000 to the House, where he rose through the ranks to become majority leader, and has served since 2007 in the Senate, again as majority leader before ascending to the chamber’s top position of president pro tem.

He is the fifth lawmaker to resign in the past year. But Dempsey said his departure is unrelated to recent scandals involving colleagues. Last week, Democratic Sen. Paul LeVota said he would resign effective Aug. 23 while denying allegations that he sexually harassed interns. In May, Republican House Speaker John Diehl resigned after acknowledging he exchanged sexually suggestive text messages with an intern.

Dempsey said he had considered stepping down late last year but decided to wait until after the 2015 legislative session in order to maintain continuity in the Senate after the chamber’s longtime secretary and its staff administrator both retired.

“It’s time to do this for my family,” Dempsey said in an AP interview before releasing a written statement about his resignation. Serving in public office has “been rewarding, it’s been challenging, but it also takes its toll.”

Pressure Mounts on LeVota
July 23, 2015

The political pressure is mounting on Missouri State Senator Paul LeVota of Independence.

A second intern, identified by the Kansas City Star as Taylor Hirth, says LeVota made advances toward her when she worked for him in 2010. That is five years before the first charge that emerged on Wednesday. A 2015 intern says Levota made advances toward her, too.

LeVota denies it.

Senator Majority Leader Tom Dempsey, citing the “new information”, kicked LeVota off the influential Senate Rules Committee and then announced the panel would investigate the allegations against the Independence Democrat.
“The Missouri Senate takes very seriously matters involving the public trust,” Dempsey said in a statement.

Moments later Democratic Governor Jay Nixon suggested ina statement his fellow Democrat resign.
In a statement Nixon called the charges against LeVota are “deeply troubling and raise serious questions about his ability to continue to serve his constituents”.

LeVota could not be reached by phone Thursday.

His brother Phil, a close advisor, says the Senator plans to cooperate fully with the investigation.

In an interview with KMBC TV on Wednesday after the first report came out LeVota said, “I’m not going to let false allegations prevent me from representing my district.”

Dempsey Expects RTW Senate Vote
February 20, 2015

(AP) – Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey says he has doubts about whether right-to-work can become law this year.

Dempsey said Tuesday he hasn’t decided whether he would vote for right-to-work. But he says he still will allow it to come to a vote in the Senate after the measure passed the House last week.

The Missouri House’s passage came on a 91-64 vote, putting the measure short of the 109 votes needed to override an anticipated veto by Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.

Dempsey says he has many relationships with union members and that there were good reasons for the formation of unions. But he says he does believe the state has lost out on some business opportunities because it’s not a right-to-work state.

Missouri Senate Considers Long Term Committtee Work After Session
May 20, 2013

(AP) – Missouri’s legislative session is over, but the work may continue for some lawmakers.

Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey says he is considering appointing at least three committees to study issues before the 2014 session.

A joint panel of Senate and House members could look into potential changes to the Medicaid health care program for the poor.

Another committee could study potential projects to be included in a bonding proposal that would be put before voters.

Dempsey said an interim committee also could look into changes to the state’s regional solid waste management districts.

All of those committees would be continuing work on measures that failed to pass during the legislative session that ended Friday.

Kraus to Head Senate Ways & Means, Justus to Lead Senate’s Progess Panel
January 11, 2013

Lee’s Summit Republican State Senator Will Kraus has been named the Chairman of the Senate Ways and means Committee. The panel is a key position for Missouri budget negotiations.
“ I look forward to working with the members of the committee to find a comprehensive tax policy solution the entire Senate can support.” Kraus
Tax policy may be a major issue in the new 2013 session. Kraus is familiar with the ongoing ‘border war’, with the state of Kansas.
Some in Kansas City believe the state og Kansas is aggressively raiding Missouri-side businesses with tax breaks.
Kansas City Democrat Jolie Justus has been named to lead the Senate’s Progress and development panel.
Senate leader Tom Dempsey announced the list of Committee Chairman for the 2013 session Thursday.
The Kansas City Star reports the assignments are:

Administration: Dempsey
Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources: Sen. Brian Munzlinger, R-Williamstown
Appropriations: Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia
Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment: Sen. Brad Lager, R-Savannah
Education: Sen. David Pearce, R-Warrensburg
Financial and Government Organizations and Elections: Sen. Jay Wasson, R-Nixa
General Laws: Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington
Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight: Sen. Mike Parson, R-Bolivar
Gubernatorial Appointments: Sen. Tom Dempsey, R-St. Charles
Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government: Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Glendale
Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence: Sen. Bob Dixon, R-Springfield
Progress and Development: Sen. Jolie Justus, D-Kansas City
Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics: Sen. Ron Richard, R-Joplin
Seniors, Families and Pensions: Sen. John Lamping, R-Ladue
Small Business, Insurance and Industry: Sen. Scott T. Rupp, R-Wentzville
Transportation and Infrastructure: Sen. Mike Kehoe, R-Jefferson City
Veterans’ Affairs and Health: Sen. Dan Brown, R-Rolla
Ways and Means: Sen. Will Kraus, R-Lee’s Summit