Missouri Statehouse Journos: Thou Shalt Not Tweet
January 7, 2016

(AP) – Missouri senators have ordered journalists off the Senate floor after some lawmakers complained their private conversations had been tweeted.
The Senate voted 26-4 on Thursday to relocate reporters to a visitors’ gallery overlooking the chamber in Jefferson City.
Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard says he initiated the move because some reporters had violated the Senate’s trust in recent years by tweeting private discussions and negotiations they overheard on the Senate floor.
He didn’t cite any specific examples.
Starting on March 29, journalists will no longer be allowed at their longtime 10-seat table near the Senate dais and the desks of several senators. Photographers will still be allowed on the Senate floor.
In the House, reporters generally use the press gallery overlooking the chamber.

The Top 10 Caucus Tweets
January 5, 2012

At one time Tuesday night, tweets from the Iowa caucus were the leading topic on Twitter, even with a big time college bowl game underway.
In Iowa and the political news community the early caucus and New Hampshire primary blows out football talk. That’s despite the fact there are lots of sports fans and football junkies in the news group (think of all the sports comparison we use).
Here’s Politico’s list of some of the better wise cracks posted during the Tuesday night caucus coverage.
1.) “Somewhere, Tim Pawlenty is on a couch, wearing a Snuggie, digging a soup spoon into a pint of Cherry Garcia… and crying.” – HuffPost Hill
2.) “i cannot understate the importance of the Gary Busey endorsement, then withdrawal of said endorsement, of @NewtGingrich.” – ABC’s Jake Tapper
3.) “Mike Huckabee says these candidates are having trouble connecting to common truck drivers because none of them play the bass” – Salon’s Alex Pareene
4.) “Cheer up @KeithOlbermann – you can catch all the big Iowa political news on my live show at midnight ET. #CNNElections” – CNN’s Piers Morgan, reacting to news that Olbermann would not be anchoring Current TV’s Iowa coverage.
5.) “Most boring 3-way I’ve ever watched #letsmakethisexciting” – Talking Point Memo’s Callie Schweitzer
6.) “Daughter, 15 weeks, responded to early Iowa entrance poll results by drooling, then falling asleep. Think she’s ready for cable TV hits.” – Mike Madden, Washington City Paper
7.) “BREAKING: Nobody in Iowa knows I exist. #LetBuddyDebate” – Buddy Roemer
8.) “You know what would make the Gary Johnson hoax extra funny?……marijuana.” – Huffington Post’s Eliot Nelson, responding to a since-debunked rumor that Johnson would withdraw from the race and endorse Ron Paul.
9.) “My favorite part of modern tv is when the camera zooms in on a computer screen. #iowa” – The Guardian’s Ana Marie Cox
10.) “I thought it was odd when [Ex-South Carolina Gov. Mark] Sanford signed off his Fox News interview with, ‘Tienes los ojos más bonitos del mundo.’” – National Review’s Jim Geraghty, noting Sanford’s history in South America.