Former Jackson Co Court administrator Pleads Guilty
November 21, 2013

Former Jackson County Administrator Teresa York plead guilty to one count of mail fraud in federal court Thursday.

Prosecutors say York embezzled $140,000 of county money during a period from January of 2009 until June of 2012. US Attorney Tammy Dickinson says the problem was discovered during a routine audit of the court’s records.

At a news conference, Dickinson says York used the county’s credit cards to ring up tens of thousands of dollars in personal spending.

She says York also spent about $6,000 on gift cards. The prosecutors say York hand out those gift cards as bonuses to employee she felt deserved them They say she did not use the county’s method for awarding raises.

The case against her also includes an accusation that York spent almost $65,000 in county funds on a fraudulent contract she entered into with an unnamed and “unindicted co-conspirator”, according to the prosecutors.

Dickinson says it was someone York had a personal relationship with.

Dickinson also expects York’s lawyer to dispute that during sentencing proceedings later on.

Dickisnon says they’ll seek a harsh sentence for York.

York could face up to 20 years and prison and $250,000 fine.