Area Republicans Vote to Delay More Elements of Obamacare
July 18, 2013

Several Kansas and Missouri GOP members of Congress joined the. house Leadership’s bid to give Obamacare another black eye Wednesday.
The Republican House voted to call for delays in implementing the mandates for business and individual care under the Affordable Health Care Act.
politico reports it was Speaker John Boehner’s bid to highlight the Obama administration’s recent decision to delay some portions of the health care law provisions relating to small businesses.
““If the president’s health care law is not good enough for big business, then it is not good enough for the American people,” said Ks-2 Rep. Lynn Jenkins. She is a member of the House Leadership.
Mo-4 Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler said much the same thing.
” Since employers are being allowed to delay compliance with this unworkable law, it is only fair that hardworking taxpayers be given the same treatment as businesses.”
The Chairman of the House Small Business Committee is North Missouri Congressman Sam Graves, Mo-6, ““In fairness, the Administration’s decision to delay part of the health care law must now be applied equitably to all Americans,” said Congressman Graves. “Sadly, some small businesses have reduced employees’ hours or held off hiring in their scramble to comply with this law’s heavy-handed requirements.”
35 Democrats joined the Republican majority in asking for a delay on the employer mandate. 22 Democrats voted for the request to delay the individual mandates.
Politico reports the President may respond Thursday in a speech on how Americans will save money when the law is fully in place