Chastain Lawsuit Dismissed, Plans Appeal
May 6, 2015

Former Kansas City mayoral candidate Clay Chastain says he’ll appeal his court defeat.

A Jackson County Judge, Joel Fahnestock dismissed his lawsuit against Kansas City Mayor Sly Kames.

Chastain claimed that James should be disqualified from running for re-election because he was late paying his city taxes.

In dismissing Chastain’s claim, the judge determined Chastain’s lawsuit misses the mark.

“Chastain’s time to challenge the Mayors’ qualifications in the primary
election has long expired, and he does not have standing to raise the same challenges in the
general election, as he is not a “candidate.”

The judge says Chastain’s challenge should have been filed within five days after the primary election on April 7. His suit was filed April 15.

The Judge also says Chastain doesn’t have a place in the case because he was eliminated in the city primary when his finished third in a field of three candidates and was eliminated.

James today said he was happy the matter was over. He called it “a distraction”.

“There was never a time when there was intent,” the Mayor told reporters Wednesday.

“Every time there was a mistake, I corrected it.

Chastain also tried to bring the mayor’s challenger, Vincent lee into his suit, But the judge ruled lee was already on the ballot.

Lee and James spoke briefly Wednesday at an announcement for a new grocery store on the city’s east side.

Later the Mayor said he saw no reason to debate lee before the June 23 finals.

“Because I don’t think there is any purpose in it, to be honest with you,” James said.

Lee and Vincent were at the same forums twice in the city primary.