Kansas Regents Call College Budget Cuts a “Nightmare”
June 7, 2013

The Kansas Board of Regents blasted the just-passed budget for state colleges and universities Thursday, according to the Topeka Capital Journal,
The state’s governing board for higher education called the cuts “a public policy nightmare”, according to the report.
Kansas legislators cut almost $22 million dollars from the state’s higher education fund.
That includes a 4.2% to the Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas.
The $4.25 million reduction for the Medical Center is the biggest reduction in dollars.
By percentage, Emporia State’s budget took the biggest hit, 4.8%; or $1.48 million.
Kansas State University funding was cut by 3.5%.
Wichita State’s funding was reduced by 3.1%
The University of Kansas budget got a 2.4% haircut.
“It’s never good public policy to cut higher education,” vice chairman Fred Logan said according to the newspaper. “It’s not a pro-growth budget — that needs to be said.”