James Says Team Represented KC Well
October 30, 2014

Here is KC Mayor Sly James’s statement after the e d KF the 2014 World Series with the San Francisco Giants:
“Congratulations to the Giants and Mayor Lee for an outstanding series.
This was an amazing season by our boys in blue. They are a classy
bunch and represented our city very well. I hope everyone will join me
in congratulating them on a memorable season and for helping showcase
the tremendous city in which we live. I know they wanted to bring the
crown back home, but we are so proud of their effort.”

Westboro Baptist Church to Protest World Series in StL
October 22, 2013

KMOX Radio:
Referring to the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox as “titan perverts” playing “goofy sports,” anti-gay advocates with the Westboro Baptist Church have announced they will protest outside Busch Stadium this weekend.

“The worthless strutting peacocks of these two baseball teams…will wallow in a sea of blood-red as they pour their energy into glorifying themselves instead of God,” the protestors announced in a press release Sunday. “Very fitting that these two teams should be symbolized by red – for the blood of murdered unborn babies by the millions, thousands killed in unrighteous wars, and bloody fag filth.”

The protestors contend that baseball fans are worshiping false idols by watching baseball when they should instead be worshiping God and mourning their sin.

“Indeed, if you spent one tiny fraction of what you spend on your baseball-worship on learning what the Bible actually says, & teaching it to your children, this would be a blessed righteous nation,” the group states. “Instead, you have to look to nasty fornicating adulterous sodomitical punks-in-uniform, while you sit in a drunken stupor cheering, and distracting yourself from the misery you’ve heaped on your head for your for your sins.