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Micheal Mahoney is the Political reporter for KMBC TV in Kansas City Missouri. He’s been on the beat for more than 25 years.

He’s covered the legislature and politics in the states of Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. 

This blog, “20 Pounds of Headlines” takes its name from the lyric of a Bob Dylan song.

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  1. I hope it doesn’t stick. But you have to give it to the ’08 version of Karl Rove. Davis has obviously decided to run the four corners offense. If we can ignore all of the issues that hurt us by throwing it across the court on lipstick and made-up issues we’ll ignore the economy, Iraq, etc., etc. Then we can… I hope we’re smarter than that. BTW, if he wanted to say it to dig he would have said “You can put lipstick on a pig and call it a pitbull but….”

  2. I would like to know why we haven’t heard anything about term limits from anyone?

  3. Freeze federal spending?
    How will we pay for 45 new nuclear power plants at about 1 billion dollars each? How will we pay for the needs of special needs children. He demonstrated the hatchet that disables his presidency if it comes to fruition.

    Obama has the sensible approach on gealth, education and energy.

  4. Just watched your report on HCR (6:00 PM 3/19/10), how about some fairness. Your report was totally one-sided. Small businesses will be getting help(up to 50% of premiums) to insure employee’s. Your piece made it sound like the entire bill will be on their backs, out and out wrong (or a lie). AMA, AARP, Catholic Nuns, the list goes on for endorsments, savings from the deficit, Ike Skelton really doesn’t matter.

    • Haven’t you learned by now that everything Michael Mahoney reports is BIASED! He can not just report the facts, he always puts his PERSONAL political twist on the topic.
      Some of us are capable of evaluating the facts and deciding for ourselves. We do not welcome his biased twist on everything!

      • Thanks! Keep Reading!

  5. Michaeal:

    Please, help cover this story of success of helping our community and society???? I talk to Scott he was not interested in doing this media coverage.

    Topic: Innovative Holistic Approaches to PTSD and Life Stress Path to Success and Freedom.

    Dr.Thakur,M.D. Can help any individual anywhere in the world learn to copr with traumatic or streeful events. Even though he started this program for combat veterans. Dr. Thakur is having a book signing on April 25th at 3027 Walnut, Kansas City, MO. My approach is to cover the stories of success to help people who are suffering from job loss, foreclores of homes, health issues. This is a non-profit. Here is contacts of success Norman Holle 913 856-4310, Tom Weatherbee 816 516-5561. Also Dr. Thakur cell: 913 638-3397. I have given you phone number to validate. Please call me at 816 880-4850

  6. Dear Michael:
    I watch KMBC news every night. I was appalled at the NAACP spokesperson rant and rave on the Tea Party organization!!! He had the gall to talk about racial profiling when he himself is just that. I understand that reporting the daily news in KC is of utmost importance but don’t you think it is time to exercise our right as citizen’s in the freedom that we have men and women fighting for instead of crying foul whenever a certain ethnicity is feeling uncomfortable?

  7. The KC Food Critic’s 2010 Restaurant Rankings are now online at:


  8. Do you need a laugh in this election time…. Well just about 20 minutes ago, I got a robo call from Sarah Pailin… it seems she thought I lived in Ilinois…but I have an 816 area code…. Someone is blowing her money talking about issues in IL to MO voters… I hate those robo calls and hang up on them…but did listen just long enough to get that Hi IL voters from her voice…. They don’t sway my vote one way or another… I chose by reading all sides and use my critical thinking skills. But this did make me laugh…

  9. Your election night coverage is boring, repetitive and basically sucks.
    You never cover the smaller elections in Clay County.
    I finally had to get my laptop out to learn that the citizens of Clay County seem to have elected a convicted stalker as their new Auditor.
    I agree that it was time to throw some Democrats out of office but not by replacing them with convicted criminals.
    Why didn’t the media put that truth out?
    Thanks Obama you screwed some more good people out of their jobs.

  10. I am frustrated by the “Republican” filibuster of the Zadrogo bill for 9/11 first responders. Many first responders selflessly gave their lives on 9/11, many more faced a daily nightmare of cleaning-up of an event that took the lives of their friends and comrades. These people deserve the same respect and medical care given to our troops.

    why wasn’t this a top news story?

  11. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/6131760/99ers_need_an_unemployment_extension.html

    Dear Mr. Mahoney,
    Was wondering why the most affluent unbiased station in the region has not reported on what is happening to us, the 99er’s. Are we, as people, so unimportant and invisible as they say we are or since we did count, can we not count now? Please help us, we need a voice such as yours. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  12. Micheal, 3 things. #1 Your are the best unbiased political reporter in greater kc. I could point out many flaws in your competitors, but will not stoop to that. #2 I know that you have commited to the CABA sponsored dance on 3/12, but would like for you to consider also being at the Annual Armourdale Irish Business luncheon, Mayor Reardon will also be there. I know we ask you every year, but you are the most requested news person by both our businesses and residents, forner residents. As usual the luncheon is from noon-1: 30 PM–I hope you are ok with me haven given your name to Marty thoennes at CABA.. He seems a little helpless in his job and was trying to help with central avenue area publicity. (Ilive in that area now)

  13. Glad to see you use up the campaign ad truthwatch pursuit in your stories and beat. Keep up the good work.

  14. Michael,
    I would like to see you revisit the family at TMC and post a recap of the stagehand, Lon, who fell setting up Rockfest. The article makes it appear he is fine, when in fact he is in very serious condition. His son in law has been posting on Facebook and has started a blog.
    The Lon Road Home: Raising Awareness
    A journal of events regarding the stagehand that fell while setting up for Rockfest in Kansas City on Friday the 13th, May 2011.

  15. A recent article came out that grabbed my attention and should worry everyone in MO. Senator McCaskill is looking to implement a plan that will cost the MO taxpayers $1.4 Million in economic output. Her plan involves hitting the energy and gas industries with new tax policies. Just what we need right now higher gas prices and higher taxes. I thought you may be interested in the article I read and would want to help spread the word on the proposed plan.


    I am involved in the energy sector and have a personal interest in these proposed policies. Right now we need to immediately ease the pressure we all feel with sky high gas prices and burdening taxes. We need to work together to become less dependent on foreign oil and boost our economy at the same time. Green energy is the future but in the present we need to fix these issue now.

    Adam Kemp

    (concerned citizen)

  16. INTERESTED IN HEARING FROM you RE: KC Star anniversary coverage of Hyatt. This was one of the high points of my professional career. I’m afraid the Star and Ch. 5 will make it their story, wrongly. Either e-mail or cell phone 816-289-4556. Maybe personally. Anyway I’ve always been an admirer of your professionalism.


    • Call me at the office. having trouble getting back to you from here.

  17. Would like to talk to you about upcoming Hyatt Disaster anniversary.

  18. togQFb http://wnbUj5n0mXqpcvm27Hms.biz

  19. Micheal, I am so happy to see you are still reporting. Great job!

  20. Michael, I have been following the missing “Lisa Irwin” and with no leads why dont they seek psyhic advise? It may be way out there to some, but may be able to locate baby Lisa. I am a KMBC fan and have been since I was a child watching with my Grandmother. Cordially, jsullivan

  21. Dear Mr. Mahoney,

    This note is several years too late, however it needs to be said. I always wanted to tell you that you look so much younger without your muschache. I am happily married, so this is not a come on.

    I also think I speak for the others who wanted to tell you too. Karen

  22. Lake of the Ozarks residents are grateful for the help received from McCaskill, Blunt, Hartzler and 9 other members of Congress. To this date we have not had any help from Gov. Nixon or Pres. Obama. We have begged for help. Although Nixon’s constituients Services Staff sent an email saying he will not deal with federal issues. Huh? Well we hope to take care of that at the polls! We are shocked that FERC orders the removals of these 1262+ homes and 4000 other structures to be removed and we are BEGGING FOR HELP from Washington D.C.., Please remember we have paid taxes on these homes for DECADES and with deeds and permits. Check out the Town Hall Meeting on podcast/archives of KRMS radio to get the real facts of this government and lack of leadership. It will scare you.

  23. There is something VERY SUSPICIOUS going on at Kansas City City Hall. I have signed a deed restriction on my house to qualify for some home repair assistance and the work that was done is totally not what I requested. My attempts to resolve this on my own are being ignored which is wrong.

    LIES are being told, the person who is in charge of these PUBLIC GRANTS (funded by Stimulus money) has not tried to phone me but he says he has but my phone records all calls.

    I have tried everything possible, written to numerous officials and they all seem happy to bury my complaint but there is some big time corruption going on I do believe. This is a windfall for the city and contractors. But the management of these funds is very questionable.

    Someone needs to investigate this. Kansas City Hall is always in the middle of some sort of scandal and this is the next one.

  24. Mick,
    I don’t think McCaskill could have voted in the GOP primary, without eliminating her chances to cast a vote in the Missouri Democratic caucus in March.
    At least, that’s what I was told…when I planned to vote GOP today. Instead, I was ordered, by my wife, to vote in the Democratic primary, to keep my vote handy for the caucus.

  25. Mr. Mahoney:

    Disgusted that you would waste your time in Cass County giving airtime to Judge Collins during an election year to suggest to Cass and Johnson countians that he is doing them some kind of favor when the real story is about his very non-judicial behavior, ranting and raving at parties that appear before him, and attorneys as well, locking his courtroom to the public and refusing them access to the proceedings and denying defendants contact with their attorneys in violation of the Federal and Missouri constitutions. This is what voters need to know about. Have some guts and report on this.

  26. I always enjoy your take on local politics Micheal, keep up the good work!

  27. Pleased to meet you. Have a very good day.

  28. Your post from August 13 on the republican national convention is using a copyrighted image for the KC in2016 World Science Fiction Convention bid. Please remove this image.

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