KC Says Gators Gotta Go

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The city announced Friday they’re giving the owners of the alligator-like reptiles known as caimans until the end of the month to get rid of the animals, which have been kept in an inner city home for decades.

A 1995 settlement with the reptiles’ owner Pat Jacobs allowed her to keep the reptiles until 2020 as along as she continued to user her house in the 4900 block of Euclid as her primary residence.

Jacobs’ son, Mike, says Pat Jacob died several years ago and he’s been honoring the deal ever since, according to a lawyer.

The Jacobs says they’ve honored the deal and there have been no problems with the animals who remain in captivity. A letter to the city says “only a few are being kept there at this time”.

It’s believed at the peak, there may have been more than three dozen reptiles at the house.

The family says they tried and failed to re-locate the reptiles in the past. They’re asking the city to give them the remaining 5 years, until late 2020, to deal with the animals

Nixon Commuter Pot Con’s Life Senetnce

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Brownback Signs Uber II

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(AP) – Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a compromise on regulations that ride-hailing company Uber says will allow it to stay in the state.
Brownback signed the bill Friday in a ceremony on the Capitol grounds. The Legislature approved the measure Tuesday.
Uber announced earlier this month that it had ceased operations in Kansas after the Legislature overrode the governor’s veto on an earlier regulations package the company opposed.
Uber’s Kansas general manager Kenny Tsai said in a statement the company looks forward to contributing to state’s economy.
Under the new law, Uber and other ride-hailing companies are allowed to do their own private background checks on subcontracted drivers, but they also can be sued by the attorney general if drivers are found to have criminal backgrounds.

Kansas Senate Scuttles Tax Debate and Leave for Holiday Weekend

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Lawrence Journal World:

Topeka — Republican leaders in the Kansas Senate called off a scheduled debate and vote on a $496 million tax package on Thursday, then adjourned for an extended Memorial Day weekend.

Lawmakers will return Tuesday for what will be the 96th day of the 2015 session, leaving a number of Lawrence-area legislators frustrated at the lack of progress in solving the state’s looming budget crisis.

Senate Republican Leader Terry Bruce of Hutchinson said the debate was postponed because of “a plethora of amendment requests” that legislative staff had not had time to draft.

“It just shows you how bad the work product is right now,” said Sen. Tom Holland, D-Baldwin City, the ranking Democrat on the tax committee that put together the bill that was to be debated Thursday.

LaVota Statement

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Here is the statement from KC St. senator Paul LeVota:

Recently, the Missouri Capitol was buzzing about the Speaker of the House and his relationship with an intern. There have been unconfirmed rumors about the interns in the Missouri Senate program and other interns in the Missouri House. I understand the need for universities to look into rumors, even unsubstantiated rumors. I would be open to any university taking a further look at the experience of any of my legislative interns. I had the honor of working with five students from several universities across the state this spring.

This session, after a month and a half, my chief of staff was notified by e-mail that the male and female interns from UCM for my office were needed back at school to work on other projects. I was never informed by the university, or by either intern, of any issues they experienced other than that. I had no reason to doubt what the university said in that e-mail and still have no reason to doubt that. And as of today, I have still never been informed by any intern or staff member of any incidents at all. The remaining three interns assigned to my office had a great experience and finished the session. None have voiced any issues in their internship, nor any report that either of the UCM interns had any problems.

This is my 11th year in the Missouri Capitol and I have had an amazing experience with the intern program with students from across the state over that decade with no problems at all. Now with the recent climate, rumors and speculation abound and I am upset that any of these young people that come to experience the legislative process would be subject to sensationalism.”


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