Cruz’ Kansas Co-Chair is Still ‘NeverTrump’

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Ted Cruz campaigns in Kansas during the Ks caucus.

The Co-Chair of the Ted Cruz campaign in Kansas, Lenexa St. Rep. Amanda Grosserode says she will not vote for the apparent GOP nominee, Donald Trump.
“I am ‘Never Trump ‘ and I have been for a very long time,” she said, “so, no, I will not be voting for Donald Trump”.
The abrupt end to the GOP nominating contest has different impacts on GOP convention delegations from Kansas and Missouri.
Ted Cruz carried Kansas on its March 5 caucus. He took 24 of Kansas’ 40 delegates; Trump earned nine delegates and former candidate Marco Rubio won six delegates.
According to the rules of the Kansas Republican party, the delegates pledged to Cruz and Rubio remain pledged to those campaigns until they are officially released. That has not happened yet.
Donald Trump won the Missouri presidential primary in March, gaining 37 of the 52 Missouri delegates.
The Executive Director of the Missouri GOP, Jonathan Prouty says the 15 Cruz delegates were “unbound” when Cruz suspended his campaign last night.
Both Democrats and Republicans in both states are continuing to fill out their roster for the national convention in July.

Mo. Senate Overises Nixon School Spending Vetos

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(AP) – The Missouri Senate overrode Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of a school spending bill, just hours after the veto.
Nixon vetoed a measure Wednesday that would cap the targets state government uses to fund public K-12 schools, chiding legislators for approving a “broken promise” to students he said will pave the way for them to enact more tax breaks.

The measure would limit the growth of what’s called the state adequacy target, which lawmakers use when setting goals for how much money schools should receive. Although it wouldn’t limit spending, it would mean the target couldn’t increase by more than 5 percent every two years.

The move to change that formula comes after the Legislature and governor have failed to meet funding goals for schools for years. The formula used to determine how much money lawmakers should aim to spend on basic aid for K-12 schools included a 5 percent cap when legislators created it in 2005. Lawmakers dropped the cap in 2009, hoping to receive more money from gambling that never came.

Basic aid for K-12 schools next fiscal year falls more than $400 million short of funding goals in the spending plan lawmakers passed this year, even with a proposed $71 million increase.

Personhood Amendment Advances in Mo. House

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(AP) – A Missouri measure backers say will protect the unborn and opponents say would ban abortion in the state received initial approval Tuesday in the House.

House members voted 112-36 Tuesday for the proposal , which still needs a second vote to move to the Senate. The deadline to pass legislation is May 13 – the time restraints that could make it a challenge to approve the measure.

If approved by the Legislature, the proposal by Ash Grove Republican Rep. Mike Moon would ask voters to decide whether to add “unborn human children at every stage of biological development” to a state constitutional provision that protects people’s “right to life.”

“We’re killing kids so fast it is insane,” said Rep. Rick Brattin, R-Harrisonville, during Tuesday debate. “The epidemic of abortion is so out of control. It is time we do something to put a stop to it.”

Democratic opponents in the House said if enshrined in the Missouri Constitution, the measure would ban abortion, including in cases of rape, incest and in which the life of the mother is at risk.

Call to Investigate US Election Assistance

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(AP) – More than 116,000 people have signed an online petition urging the inspector general to investigate what it calls voter suppression at a federal government agency entrusted with making voting more accessible.

The progressive advocacy group CREDO Action said it planned to deliver petition signatures Wednesday to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s Inspector General Patricia Layfield.

The commission referred any comment to Layfield, who did not immediately respond to an email.

At issue is the unilateral action by Executive Director Brian Newby, the former Johnson County Election Director, that without public notice required residents of Kansas, Alabama and Georgia to provide documentary proof of citizenship to register to vote when using a federal form.

Mayor Pulls the Plug on the KCI AIRPORT Project

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A render of a single terminal for KCI

Kansas City Mayor Sly James says he went through a couple of stages of grief when he saw the poll numbers of KCI airport.
Those numbers show only 40% of voters in the poll support rebuilding KCI with a single terminal. “It made me says, ‘mmm’. Maybe we’re not ready to move forward,” said James.
Not only do voters not like the single terminal plan, according to a source close to the project, they don’t care for the renovation plan. Voters prefer the status quo at KCI. The loudest critics on the City Council was Teresa Loar.
She says she talked to many Northlanders who oppose the single terminal plan.
“I think the radical change of tearing the terminal down was a little too much,” she said.
Another. Group critical of the plan was the Citizens for Responsible Government.
” The voters should realize this decision shows just how much power they; the voters have. Anytime you get 300 – 400 emails and phone calls going into city hall on one issue, the city council listens,” said Dan Coffey a leader of the group.
The survey said Kansas City ought to work on other items, like improving the infrastructure of the city, reducing crime, and improving the schools.
The apparent defeat of the airport project is the biggest setback of Sly James’ 2-terms as mayor.
James came to office after a shaky four-year term of Mayor Mark Funkhouser. A period where city council meetings were sometimes fueled by personal rivalries and inside arguments.
James repeatedly talked about the need to have the city unified if there was going to be progress.
“It’s most important that we continue to work together,” James said, “in order to accomplish some of the other priorities that we have to accomplish”.
Another option to renovate KCI was estimated to cost over $1 billion dollars. The single terminal plan was estimated to cost $964 million.
Earlier, the city’s aviation department estimated that it would cost $500 million to make the needed repairs at KCI.


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