Only 1 Woman Registered in Proposed Tax District–Her Vote Will Decide Project

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(AP) – An oversight by representatives of a business community improvement district in Columbia means a 23-year-old woman might be the only one voting on a proposed sales tax increase needed to make the district successful.
The Columbia City Council established the Business Loop 70 Community Improvement District in April at the request of some property owners within the district’s boundaries. The CID planned to hold an election in August to enact a half-cent sales tax, which is projected to raise about $220,000 to fund improvement projects.
Under state law, only registered voters within the district are allowed to vote on proposed sales tax increases in the district. If no registered voters are present, property owners vote. Organizers of the CID in Columbia thought they drew up the boundaries so it included no residents, meaning property owners would decide the fate of the proposed sales tax, The Columbia Daily Tribune reported ( ).
CID Executive Director Carrie Gartner said that when district officials contacted the Boone County Clerk’s Office about holding the August election, they discovered Jen Henderson, 28, had registered to vote in February with her Business Loop address.
Gartner said the CID hoped to use the sales tax revenue to pay down “significant debt,” including more than $100,000 it owes the city and for legal representation.
Henderson said Gartner approached her in June to explain the goals of the CID and asked her to consider “unregistering her vote” so the property owners could vote. However, she said her research indicated things “just didn’t seem to be as good as they were saying to me at first.”
Gartner “tried to get me to unregister, and that’s pretty manipulative,” Henderson said. “The district plan and the district border is manipulative, too.”
Henderson, who attends the University of Missouri, said she doesn’t plan to give up her right to vote and has not decided whether she will support the sales tax.

Kansas Voter Lawsuit Advances

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(AP) – A Kansas judge is allowing two voters to continue pursuing a lawsuit challenging how Secretary of State Kris Kobach is enforcing a proof of citizenship requirement for registering.
Shawnee County District Judge Franklin Theis (Tice) also suggested in an order that Kobach exceeded his authority in declaring that voters who use a federal form to register can cast ballots only in federal races. The federal form does not require proof of citizenship.
Theis issued an order last week rejecting Kobach’s request to decide the case in his favor before a trial. But the judge also didn’t block Kobach from enforcing the law as he has for more than a year.
ACLU attorney Julie Ebenstein on Wednesday called the ruling encouraging. Kobach said it’s still very early in the lawsuit

Kobach & Hillary Clinton Clash Over Voting List

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(AP) – Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is trading barbs over social media with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on voting rights.
The spat was sparked by Kobach’s proposal to throw out after 90 days names of more than 34,000 potential voters who registered in the state, but didn’t provide proof-of-citizenship documents like a birth certificate or naturalization papers.
Clinton’s campaign late Monday posted a comment on Twitter calling the plan a “targeted attack on voting rights,” including a link to a story from The Associated Press about it.
Koback retorted the next day on Facebook that it is not a purge as “left-wing knuckleheads” claim because those people just have to fill out another voter registration form again. He said Clinton is “getting her pantsuit in a twist over nothing.”

Tax Breaks for Rams Stadium Deal Getting Blitzed

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(AP) – Missouri’s legislative budget leaders said they oppose spending taxpayer money on a new St. Louis football stadium, casting serious doubts on whether supporters can cobble together enough money for the facility before an approaching NFL vote on whether to relocate the Rams.
House Budget Chairman Tom Flanigan sent a letter Wednesday to Gov. Jay Nixon warning that he will block any effort to put money in the state budget for payments on a new stadium unless the Legislature or voters first approve the additional debt.
Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Kurt Schaefer told The Associated Press he doesn’t believe there is legislative support for using taxpayer money for a new St. Louis stadium.
Their reluctance further complicates an already fragile plan that requires buy-in from a number of public and private entities to pay for the estimated $998 million stadium.
Nixon, a Democrat, and the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority are working to piece together money for a new stadium as a counterproposal to efforts by Rams owner Stan Kroenke to move the team to the Los Angeles area.

Brownback Says No to Gitmo Again

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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley are on the offense on Gitmo.
The two governors sent a letter to Defense Secretary Ash Carter Tuesday, warning the Defense Department (DOD) from transferring Guantanomo Bay detainees into Kansas or South Carolina.
The two Governors letter says they “will not be part of any illegal and ill-advised action by the Administration, especially when that action relates to importing terrorists into our states.”
The statement from Governor Brownback says DOD teams have been in Kansas to assess the possibility of transferring some detainees to the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.
The other option under consideration is the U.S. Consolidated Naval Brig in South Carolina.
Brownback and Haley say bringing the detainees to anyplace in the United States is an insult to the people who died in the attack on September 11, 2001.


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