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WyCo Considers Personalized Tag Notices
May 27, 2015

Wyandotte County, Kansas is considering sending out its own license tag renewal notices, since state is going to stop sending out notices.
The Director of Revenue, Debbie Pack says the Unified Government is considering the plan. Pack says the personal notifications would cost the city an additional $50,000.
Earlier this year, the Kansas Department of Revenue a bounced it was ending the practice.
Pack says that presents a big change for the 75,000 vehicle ow era in Wyandotte County.
“it’s huge,” said Pack.
The personalized notices were sent out to vehicle owners six weeks before the tag expired.
The notice provided detailed information including the cost of renewal.
The only county that issues their own renewal notices is Johnson County.
The notices are being replaced by postcard advising owners to contact the local DMV office for details.
Pack is among many county officials who think the change will lead to delays at the DMV.
” Our delinquencies will rise. We believe the calls to our phone will will rise dramatically. And the people walking through the door is going to increase dramatically,”said Pack
Lack says Wyandotte County will decide in the next two weeks if it will send out its own personal renewal notices.
The first wave of postcard notices is expected to be issued in mid July.

Kansas Senate Debates Tax Hike Plan Wednesday
May 27, 2015

(AP) – The Kansas Senate is preparing to debate a plan for closing a projected state budget shortfall by raising sales, tobacco and gasoline taxes and suspending an income tax break for business owners.

The bill on senators’ agenda Wednesday would raise $496 million during the fiscal year beginning July 1.

It would increase the sales tax to 6.5 percent from 6.15 percent but drop the rate on food to 6 percent.

The cigarette tax would increase by 50 cents a pack to $1.29. The gasoline tax would rise by 5 cents a gallon to 29 cents.

The bill suspends for two years a 2012 policy exempting the profits of more than 330,000 business owners and farmers from taxes. They would get a less lucrative income tax credit against their payrolls instead.

Kansas House to Consider Sales Tax Hike and Closing Small Biz LLC Exemption
May 26, 2015

. (AP) – A Kansas House committee has advanced a plan for balancing the state budget that increases the sales tax and reverses one of Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s key economic policies.

The Taxation Committee voted 8-6 Tuesday to send a bill to the House for debate without a recommendation on whether members should pass it.

The bill would narrow a tax break enacted in 2012 at Brownback’s urging. The state exempted the profits of more than 330,000 business owners and farmers from income taxes.

The committee’s plan would raise $101 million during the fiscal year beginning July 1 by taxing those profits again.

The plan also would boost the sales tax to 6.45 percent from 6.15 percent.

Lawmakers must close a projected $406 million budget shortfall for the next fiscal year.

Lawyer Says Euclid Reptiles Dying Off
May 26, 2015

A lawyer for the Kansas City man housing alligator-like reptiles in his inner city house says the reptiles are slowly dying off.
Attorney Louis Wright says only four of the original 37 reptiles still survive at Mike Jacobs’ house in the 4900 block of Euclid.
Jacobs identified the reptiles in an e-mail to his attorney, Wright:
-Female ‘Trena’, arrived at the house May 14, 1994
-Female ‘Cutie’, arrived at the house October 18,1986
-Male, ‘Sugar’, arrived at the house January 14 1987
-Female ‘Asa’, arrived at the house March 15 1995.
Last week, the city said Jacobs had until the end of May, this coming Sunday, to remove the reptiles because they’re in violation of the city’s dangerous animal ordinance.
Jacobs says he and the city agreed to a deal in 2005 to permit the reptiles to remain until 2020.
Jacob’s late mother, Pat entered into a December 21, 1995 settlement with the city that grandfathered in the presence of the reptiles as long as Pat Jacobs used the home as her primary residence, or until 2020, whichever came first.
Her son says Pat Jacobs died in 2005.
Lawyer Wright says there have never been any incidents, injuries, or violations of the 1995 deal.
The city disputes that. Friday the city claimed the Jacobs had added on to the reptile population, a violation of the deal.
It also claimed the Jacobs violated the settlement by allowing people other than immediate family to view the reptiles.
Last week, Gaylyn Patton told KMBC she remembered touring the facility when she was a young girls after her family moved into the neighborhood 15 years ago.
The existence of the reptiles in the Jacobs house came to light after a utility repairman reported the situation to police.
Next door neighbor, Richard Day, says that utility workers was called to his home for an internet repair job. Day says the worker was never threatened or scared by the animals because he never saw them.
Day the reptiles are still inside because the weather is still too cool for the cold-blooded animals.
Days says his wife just brought up the animals to the worked in casual conversation. Then the worker reported it to police.
Wright says Pat Jacobs got into the activity of collecting caimans as an animal rescue project.
Wright says years ago, people would buy small baby caimans as pets. But as the reptiles started to grow, some of them were abandoned. Jacobs would collect them and bring them to her home-made sanctuary on Euclid.

Kansas Cutting Back On DMV Renewal Notices
May 26, 2015

. (AP) – The Kansas Department of Revenue is planning to change the way it notifies residents that they need to renew their vehicle tags.

The Topeka Capital-Journal ( ) reports that the department wants to replace 2.6 million personalized vehicle renewal letters sent annually to residents with a generic postcard reminder.

Revenue department spokeswoman Jeannine Koranda says the move is aimed at saving money. The letter-to-postcard swap is expected to save the state around $500,000.

The department is leaving it up to counties to absorb the cost if they want to continue the previous method of printing and mailing the letters.


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