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Shawnee Mission Says Kansas School Financing Plan Hurting Schools
October 9, 2015

. (AP) – The Shawnee Mission School District, which is blocked from joining a school finance lawsuit, has filed a brief in the case calling the state’s funding policy “crippling.”

The Kansas City Star reports ( ) the Kansas Supreme Court last month affirmed a lower court ruling that Shawnee Mission could not intervene in the school finance lawsuit against the state brought by the Kansas City, Kansas, Wichita, Dodge City and Hutchinson districts.

The district was told it could file a friend-of-the-court brief in the case, Gannon v. Kansas. The district’s brief released Thursday says underfunding of the state’s school finance system “has led to a crippling loss of teachers,” foreign language program, neighborhood schools and property values.

The Supreme Court hears oral arguments in November on whether Kansas schools are equitably funded.

Push for Medical Marijuana Vote in Missouri in 2016
October 8, 2015

A 60-year old registered nurse from Missouri says the state ought to permit medical marijuana because she has seen it work.

Delores Halbin told KMBC TV Thursday she supports the plan to put a medical marijuana law on the 20116 Missouri ballot.

“It’s not a narcotic, it’s not an opiate…and it works,”Halbin said.

She says her husband suffers from a severe case of glaucoma.

Regular treatments did not help him much according to his wife.

When he started smoking marijuana, his wife said, the effect were almost immediate.

“He did not have to lay face down into a pillow,” said Halbin.

She says he was able to get up take walks and “have a life”.

Today advocates of medical marijuana filed petitions to put the issue to a statewide vote in 2016.

The group, New Approach Missouri, will have to gather the signatures of about 160,00 registered Missouri voters from across the state. The petitions need to be turned in by early May of 2016.

The plan is supported by the group, Show-Me Cannibus.

Earlier the group backed another proposal calling for complete legalization of the drug in Missouri.

Amber Iris Langston, a Show- me Cannibus member, says that remains a goal, but the group saw polling numbers indicating more support for a medical marijuana plan.

“We didn’t want to wait another year to help those patients,” she said

Kansas to Issue Same Sex Couples Birth Certificates on Case-by-Case Basis
October 8, 2015

AP) – The state of Kansas will issue birth certificates to two same-sex couples but will continue to study similar requests on a case-by-case basis.
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says the birth certificates in the two cases will list both members of the same-sex couples as parents of their children.
The two couples were part of pending lawsuits in state and federal court. They argued the state’s refusal to issue the birth certificates violated a recent Supreme Court ruling that states must recognize same-sex marriages.
Department spokeswoman Sara Belfry told The Lawrence Journal-World ( ) the department decided to issue the birth certificates in the two cases after reviewing applicable law and existing court orders.
But she says the state’s general policy has not changed.

Kansas Voter Scrub Could Take Weeks
October 5, 2015

(AP) – Some Kansas election officials expect to take weeks to cancel incomplete voter registrations even with a new rule for culling records from Secretary of State Kris Kobach.
And county election officials said Monday that even when the job is done, electronic records for such residents still will be accessible, not deleted.
A new rule from the Republican secretary of state took effect Friday and directed counties to cancel registrations incomplete for more than 90 days.
Most of the 31,000 affected registrations are for residents who haven’t complied with a 2013 law requiring new voters to produce papers documenting their U.S. citizenship.
Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman said her office will first go through a list of 1,700 people who were on the incomplete list but have Kansas birth certificates.

Head of Kansas Rifle Association Steps Down
October 5, 2015

(AP) – The president of the Kansas State Rifle Association is retiring because of health problems.
The Wichita Eagle reports ( ) Patricia Stoneking announced her retirement in an e-mail to members this weekend. Stoneking says she’s retiring because of the severity of health issues she’s had for months and that doctors have told her to minimize stress.
As leader of the Kansas NRA affiliate for a decade, Stoneking helped the association grow into a major player in Kansas politics. She was also the main proponent for a bill signed into law this spring that eliminated the training requirement to carry a concealed firearm.
Kathleen Wade, association vice president, will assume the duties of president, and Moriah Day, a staffer for Secretary of State Kris Kobach, will lead the group’s political action committee


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