Chastain Back Collecting Signatures for 2015 Mayor’s Bid

Transit activist Clay Chastain collecting voter signatures in Brookside Friday.

Light rail activist Clay Chastain says he thinks incumbent Mayor Sly James is vulnerable and he can beat him.

Chastain is back in Kansas City. He also back his the Brookside neighborhood, doing what he has done for years: collecting signatures on a petition.

Chastain says he needs about a thousand valid voter signatures to get on the ballot and is confident he can do that, probably within days.

Chastain says he’ll campaign against incumbent Mayor Sly James, saying he has not accomplished much.

He also says James doesn’t deserve re-election after interfering with his petition to raise taxes for a mass transit network.

The measure–which neither the city, nor Chastain supported in the end–was defeated at the polls in November.

The light frail activist says he looks forward to the campaign.

He told one voter, “I’m going shake things up, the things that need shaking.”

Friday a couple of people did double takes when they say him collecting signatures outside of a grocery store.

He told the story of one women says he can’t run for mayor because he doesn’t live in Kansas City anymore. Chastain says he told he has dual residency, both here and in Virginia where he now lives most of the time.

One man who signed his petition, Dominick Demono says he was unsure Chastain had a shot at winning the election, but he didn’t mind signing to get him on the ballot.

Another voter, Mindy brown says she supports Mayor James and would not sign Chastain’s petition.

“I know him,” she laughed, “he’s a mess”

Filing for the Mayor’s office and other city council posts starts on December 9.

Because of a change in the City’s charter, the primary and general elections have been moved.

The primary will be on April 7, 2015.

The general election for Kansas City is June 23, 2015.

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