KC Renews E- Tax in Landslide

Even though turnout was light, Kansas City voters voted to renew the earnings tax.

For the second time, Kansas City voters have overwhelmingly voted to the renew the city Earnings Tax.
Voters in the Northland, where the sentiment against City hall taxes is the greatest, gave the tax a 70%-30 approval min both Clay and Platte Counties.
With more than 90% of the vote in from Kansas City South of the river, the tax was being approved by 4 out of 5 votes.
The big victory margin is similar to the results in 2011 where 78% of the voters approved the first renewal of the tax.
The Communications Director for the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce took notice of the wide approval margin.
This expensive, every-five-year exercise needs to be revised by the Missouri General Assembly. Kansas City voters have spoken – twice – to keep the e-tax. We hope they’re listening in Jefferson City,” said Pam Whiting.
Conservative businessman Rex Sinquefield of suburban St. louis contributed more than $2 million dollars to defeat the earnings tax.
Despite the contributions. 72% of St Louis voters approved the earnings tax there.
Much of Sinquefield’s money, however was spent on the St. Louis side of the state. Opponents sent voters a few flyers .
Many of them called on Kansas City leaders to manage their money better so the city would not need the earnings tax. The tax generate $230 million dollars a year for Kansas City. It is about 40% of the city’s main budget, the General Fund.
City leaders had threatened deep cuts in public safety if the earnings tax was not renewed. That is because about 3/4s of the general fund pays for police and fire service.

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