Missouri TEA Parties Blast Roy Blunt

More that two dozen Missouri TEA parties  say a bid by US Senate candidiate to capitalize on their movement has “shocked” them.

Blunt is bringing in Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann for a fundraising and to work the phone for him July 31 in St. Louis.

“We believe she has been grossly misled if she understands him to be a Missouri Tea Party candidate,” according to a TEA party statement Tuesday.

“Roy Blunt voted for TARP and Cash for Clunkers. For Michele Bachmann to come to Missouri and give the impression that all the Missouri Tea Parties support Roy Blunt is an abomination of everything we have been standing up for”, said Jedidiah Smith, a Tea Party leader in Franklin County, Missouri.”


One Response

  1. Very disappointing that Michele Bachmann talks the talk but is not walking the walk. Maybe she is just co-opting the “tea party” for her own benefit.

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