Jay Ashcroft Joins GOP SOS Race, Kraus-Bring ‘ Em On

Jay Ashcroft, the son of former Attorney General and Missouri Senator John and Janet Ashcroft, is running for the GOP nomination for Secretary of State.
Ashcroft had been considering making the race according to reports. He jumped in on the day the 2016 Secretary of State’s race became an open seat.
“Missouri is desperately in need of leaders who will fight for our state’s common sense conservative values,” Ashcroft said in a statement.
Democratic incumbent, Jason Kander, announced her would run for the US Senate next year ( see previous posts).
Lee Sumitt Republican State Senator Will Kraus has already started his SOS drive.
He was expecting to take on Kander.
“Today’s announcement by the secretary of state that he will not run for re-election will not change my priorities or my direction, nor will the emergence of any primary opponent,” a Kraus news release stated today.

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