Gas Tax Hike Moving in Missouri

(AP) – A measure to raise the gas tax to fund transportation in Missouri is moving forward after a narrow vote in the Senate.
Senators on Thursday voted 18-13 to grant initial approval to a bill that would raise the tax on diesel fuel by 3.5 cents and on all other fuel by 1.5 cents.
Supporters say the added money is needed to fully maintain the state’s roads and bridges.
The proposal comes as Department of Transportation officials are warning of an impending budget shortfall.
Missouri voters last year rejected a proposed three-quarter cent sales tax to fund transportation.
The bill is projected to allow the state to match all available federal funds in 2017. It needs a second full Senate vote before it can move to the House.

The 18-13 roll call vote Thursday by which the Missouri Senate gave initial approval to a measure that would increase the diesel fuel tax by 3.5 cents a gallon and the tax on other gasoline by 1.5 cents.
Voting “yes” were 11 Republicans and seven Democrats.
Voting “no” were 13 Republicans.
Not voting were one Republican and two Democrats.
Mike Cunningham, Rogersville
Tom Dempsey, St. Charles
Bob Dixon, Springfield
Mike Kehoe, Jefferson City
Doug Libla, Poplar Bluff
Brian Munzlinger, Williamstown
Ron Richard, Joplin
Gary Romine, Farmington
Dave Schatz, Sullivan
Wayne Wallingford, Cape Girardeau
Jay Wasson, Nixa
Kiki Curls, Kansas City
Jason Holsman, Kansas City
Joe Keaveny, St. Louis
Paul LeVota, Independence
Jamilah Nasheed, St. Louis
Jill Schupp, Creve Coeur
Gina Walsh, St. Louis
Dan Brown, Rolla
Ed Emery, Lamar
Dan Hegeman, Cosby
Will Kraus, Lee’s Summit
Bob Onder, Lake St. Louis
David Pearce, Warrensburg
Jeanie Riddle, Mokane
David Sater, Cassville
Rob Schaaf, St. Joseph
Kurt Schaefer, Columbia
Eric Schmitt, Glendale
Ryan Silvey, Kansas City
Paul Wieland, Imperial
Mike Parson, Bolivar
Maria Chappelle-Nadal, St. Louis
Scott Sifton, St. Louis

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