Ellington Blasts Hoise Colleague for Honoring Confederate RMY

The head of the Missouri house black Caucus, brandon Ellington of kansas City, says it seems as if another colleague was ‘co-signing what happened in South Carolina, by honoring the flag that represents keeping people in slavery.
Ellington criticized St. Rep Chuck Basye, a Republican from Rocheport in mid-Missouri.
Ellington accused Basye of taking art in a “misguided ceremony to lift up treasonous Confederate guerrillas and even saluted the confederate flag”.
Basye told The Missouri Times it was “ridiculous and “offensive” to say he was saluting the Confederate flag.
Basye said he participated in a Civil war re-enactment event last weekend. It centered around the dedication of a gravestone for five Missouri guerrilla rebels who were killed near Rocheport in 1865.
The ceremony took place at the Basye family cemetery, property owned by St. Representative Basye’s bother.
Ellington says the event, involving an elected official looks bad coming days after the racially motivated killings of nine black people in South Carolina last week.
“Then you turn around and have a State Representative honor fallen soldiers and a flag that represented slavery. So, on face value it looks like you’re co-signing what happened in South Carolina by honoring the flag that represents keeping people in slavery, Ellington said.

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