Moran Reverses Stance on Garland Hearing

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran reversed himself, saying he no longer thinks Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland should get a Senate confirmation hearing.
Moran told Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley of his switch Friday.
The decision came just hours after Moran refused to answer any questions about his position during a stop in Kansas City Friday morning. (See previous post).
Moran said Garland’s “judicial philosophy ” made him an unacceptable nominee and there was no need for a Senate confirmation hearing.
Last week The Garden City Telegraph reported Moran told a group of citizens he favored a hearing for Garland. He was one of the few Republican Senators to break ranks with the GOP leadership on the question.
He told them he would rather have Kansans complain to him about a vote he cast rather than not doing his job by not voting at all.

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